Controversy over ripped pregnant woman

Gabriela Zugliani, a nutritionist from Brazil started a lot of fiery debates last month, after publishing this photograph of her ripped abs after 8 months of pregnancy.


And then these photos a week before giving birth:



Last week (oct, 9th), she gave birth to a girl and showed her post-birth abs.


This is what she said on her instagram account: “People, look at my princess Betina. Her birth took a lot longer due to my muscles. Betina is healthy and was born with 6,28 pounds. A little less then what we predicted. She was screaming right away so that was a good sign. Finally, our Betina is here and healthy. Thank God! Thank you all for all the good vibrations. She is part of your lives too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Gabriela and her family below:



Did she jeopardize her life and her baby by working out so hard? What do you think?

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