Great short novels that you can read in a weekend

Short novels are a great literary modality – they are not so short that you will finish in only half an hour, and not so long that it will take you days to do so. Many great movies were even inspired by them. Dream Story is the base for Kubrick’s last movie Eyes Wide Shut, and Henry James’ The Turn of the Screw has inspired so many great horror movies, such as its many versions and The Innocents.

We have put together this short list of suggestions mixing old and modern classics, and authors from all over the world, hoping it will inspire and entertain you for a few hours.

If you’re going on a short trip, or you like reading on the bus or subway, heavy books may not be very easy to carry around. But even if you don’t really care about that and you just want to enjoy a nice short novel to pass the time or improve your literary knowledge, this list is also great for you. To read the synopsis or buy the book, click the link right below the pictures.


1 – Child of god – Cormac McCarthy


In this taut, chilling novel, Lester Ballard–a violent, dispossessed man falsely accused of rape–haunts the hill country of East Tennessee when he is released from jail.  While telling his story, Cormac McCarthy depicts the most sordid aspects of life with dignity, humor, and characteristic lyrical brilliance.

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