31 disturbing images that will provoke you

Media has a powerful way to present content that can be disturbing, yet very compeling. Below, you will find ads that have a very creative and original message. The topics are wide ranging from domestic violence, pollution, smoking, alcohol, racism, human rights and child abuse.

1. Before it is too late.

Before it is too late

2. Certain things hang on forever.

Certain things hang on forever

3. Ignore us, ignore human rights.

Ignore us, ignore human rights

4. Stop the violence. Don’t drink and drive.

Stop the violence. Don't drink and drive

5. See how easy feeding the hungry can be?

See how easy feeding the hungry can be

6. He has his mother’s eyes.

He has his mother's eyes

7. Buckle up, stay alive.

Buckle up, stay alive

8. Give a hand to wildlife.

Give a hand to wildlife

9. Sexual predators can hide in your child’s smartphone.

Sexual predators can hide in your child's smartph

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