28 Amazing Tech Tips

You will not believe some of these tech hacks and tips! This amazing list will introduce you to many great websites: here you’ll learn a ton of useful keyboard shortcuts, awesome ways of using your tablet, cooking new recipes and much more.

If you enjoy technology hacks, this post is for you. Trust me – you’ll want to share many of these tips with your family and friends.


1 – Go to agoodmovietowatch.com to get movie suggestions randomly or based on your Netflix and genre preferences.




2 – Go to Google and type in “(name of the food) vs (name of the food)” to compare calories and other nutritional values of two kinds of foods.



3 – How about using wall hooks to attach your tablet to the bedroom/ bathroom/ kitchen wall?


source: etothepowerof3/Reddit


4 – Download the Project Naptha browser extension to copy texts directly from an image file.


source: antimatter15/Hacker News

5 – Use a LEGO figure as a cable holder. It looks super cool!



6 – Use ninite.com to install multiple software. You won’t need to click “next” a hundred times and it will prevent you from installing a bunch of junkie apps.


source: omgwtfbbq7/Reddit

7 – Go to howlongtoreadthis.com to get an estimate on how long it will take you to read a text (book, paper, etc).


source: sputnik4024/Reddit


8 – Want to know if a URL or username is available without checking them one by one? Go to namechk.com and save a lot of time.


source: 1000 Life Hacks


9 – We all know that deleting accounts is a lot harder than it should be. If you’re having trouble doing that, go to accountkiller.com to find out the easiest way to close a website profile.


source: Eric Griffth/PCMag


10 – Want to cook something nice but don’t want to go out shopping? Go to supercook.com and type which ingredients you have at hand to get a recipe suggestion.


source: Doug Aamoth & Jared Newman/TIME


11 – If you’re looking for a good online photo editor go to sumopaint.com – actually, it is better than most downloadable apps and software.


source: carlcheo


12 – Want to verify if your remote control is working? Take a camera and press any button next to it – if it is still working, it should emit a light.


source: carlcheo



13 – If you put a dot of glue on a charger cable you’ll always know which side is the right one to plug it in.


source: nomau/Reddit


14 – You can do the same thing to know which earphone is the left (or the right) one.



15 – Go to fillerdeals.com to find incredible items that cost under $15.

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