20 things that you know only if you’ve been friends for a long time


Life has its way of bringing people together and drifting them apart. It’s just the natural circle of things. But few people stay around you for a long time – and most importantly, not because they have to, but because you both want to.

If you have an old friend – a close one, who you like more than you like most of your own relatives – you know how important these relationships can be.

This list will remind you of some great (and sometimes difficult) moments that you and your closest friends most certainly have gone through at some point of your lives. After all, there are some things you can only know if you’ve been friends with someone for more than a few years.

1 – You can impersonate them pretty well. You can quite possibly imitate they dancing, and you certainly  know all their catch-phrases.

2 – You know at least a few of their embarrassing childhood and/or teenage stories. Some of them, because you have witnessed them yourself, and others, because you’ve heard them at least a dozen times over the years.

3 – You can tell they’re not ok because they used and odd smiley face “:)”, or because they replied your message in a certain way that would’ve seemed perfectly normal to anyone else.

4 – You know their worst break-up stories as well as yours. You possibly were there to make them feel better afterwards by taking them to a party, a bar, or simply by watching a movie with them.

5 – You remember their worst one-night-stands (actually, it is possible that you’ve told them to “go for it” that one time you were a bit too drunk).

6 – Most of your conversations are about “the old times”. “Remember that time when you were almost arrested for…” “No.”.

7 – You know about most of the crushes they used to have, and you possibly tease them because they don’t like to admit them.

8 – You have shared thoughts and secrets that are really embarrassing, and they’ve done the same.

9 – You hate their exes more than you hate YOUR exes. Really. How could they dump someone so awesome?

10 – You have so many inside jokes that other people don’t get half of the things you talk about.

11 – You have seen them puking and/or blackout drunk and you helped them out. They probably have done the same for you.

12 – You’ve seen each other in your best and your worst. And you have been by their sides to support them as well as to celebrate their victories.

13 – You have a favorite meal, a favorite restaurant and definitely a favorite bar. You go there whenever it is possible.

14 – There may had been times when you didn’t see each other very often, but when you met again, everything felt just the same

15 – You probably have corroborated at least one of their lies. “Sure, Mr. Ramsey. Anne stayed at my place last night.”

16 – You have some regretful pictures that you took from their old social profiles. “Hey, buddy, remember that glorious picture of you on your white underwear? I do.”

17 – You have probably ditched a boyfriend or girlfriend to do something else with them.

18 – You kept them company when they were feeling really bad, even if they didn’t want to talk.

19 – You were or you at least considered being roommates at some point of your lives.

20 – They know most about you and your interests than most relatives do.

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