20 pictures that will make you reconsider having kids

Kids can be great – they’re fun, they’re honest, they’re super lovely. But let’s admit it, they can be little devils as well.

Children are experts in acting weird, misbehaving, being loud, and making a huge mess – and just when you thought they couldn’t get any worse, they find a way of excelling themselves.

The pictures we’ve selected for this list will almost certainly make you rethink the decision of being a parent. And if doesn’t, at least it will give you a good laugh.


1 – Children do weird stuff all the time. Jesus Christ, kid, what are you even trying to do?



2 – There goes your chocolate. And that’s not even the worst part.



3 – You can’t leave kids unattended for one second!



4 – Kids sleep whenever they please. And that means they never EVER sleep when you expect them to.



5 – Kids are extra clingy.



6 – And extra loud.




7 – And sometimes they just look like pure evil (and behave as such).



8 – Children use the toilet in the most strange ways.



9 – And they seem unable to put food in their mouths.


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