20 Incredibly Timed Pictures Taken Seconds Before Disaster Struck

Sometimes, unexpected things happen to someone right in front of your eyes. It is one of those “you-should-have-seen-your-face” moments that are just amazing and impossible to replicate. This is what the images on this list are all about. Except that, for unknown reasons, someone have managed to take a picture on the precise moment that disaster was about to struck.

Maybe it is because you probably could not take a shot like that even if you tried really hard to do so, or maybe because people’s faces look very funny in these. Either way, the following pictures are simply amazing – and also pretty hilarious. I wish there were photographs of what happened right after they were taken.

1. It’s just a balloon thrown on a kid’s head – but it also looks like a magic water hat. Pretty amazing.


2. Someone had too much to drink. So did the other guy’s tuxedo.


3. I don’t even know what is going on in this picture. But the stretched cat and the flying bowl of food look great.


4. Wow, man. This looks like an expensive camera to throw in the river.


5. Strike a pose – vogue.


6. You can see it in her face – she sensed it coming.


7. This guy, on the other hand, seem very unaware.


8. Do you ever few like a broken plastic bag?


9. Insert “she was on fire” joke here. Well, she was!


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