15 super cheap activities to entertain your kids

We all have been kids. We all know that kids’ imaginations are great, and how they get easily entertained in a stimulus environment. The greatest thing about children though, is that you can easily distract them with toys and activities that will cost you virtually nothing – if you have just the right amount of creativity, of course. Balloons, cardboards, painted jars, colored tape – all these things can become something else entirely. It takes very little to make kids feel like they’re astronauts, sea explorers, scientists, engineers, and whatever else crosses their minds and hearts.

But every mother and father (and aunt, uncle nanny, older sibling) also know that children have lots of energy and that they demand a lot of attention. But with this simple and cheap tips you will be able to entertain them for hours – or even days. And whenever they get bored, you can just try on another one of the activities listed below.

1. Balloons are among the cheapest and most entertaining toys I know. Fill them up with water, hang them, and you will have a super fun and easy-to-make piñata.

Balloons are among the cheaper and most entertaining toys I know - more on Wondercentral.com

2. Kids love board games, and a tic-tac-toe board is incredibly simple to make. Paint a few stones and have your child entertained for hours.

Kids love board games, and a tic-tac-toe board is incredibly simple to make - more on Wondercentral.comhttp://chickenscratchny.com/2013/04/spring-time-tic-tac-toe.html

3. Everybody loves swings. And they are very simple and cheap to make. You won’t spend more than 10$ buying a rope and a piece of wood in the hardware store.

Learning how to save money is an important lesson for every kid - more on Wondercentral.com


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