15 before and after photos of rescued pets

If you have a rescued pet living with you, you probably already know how loyal and grateful animals can be to their owners for putting a roof over their heads, providing them with food, love and attention.

Besides the acknowledged therapeutic effects that having a cat or dog may have on kids and
adults, by taking an animal off the streets you’re extending its life in many years, and you’re providing it with life quality that every living being should, in an ideal scenario, be allowed to have.

The following pictures of these animals before and after they got rescued will most certainly warm up your heart. The difference is so evident, and their previous conditions so brutal, that you will wish you had the opportunity to help out a few animals yourself. If you actually can, do it – trust me, you will be saving another living being, and you will be doing a favor to yourself. So if you happen to own an animal shelter – or if you know any rescuing organizations or passage animal shelters – please, leave a comment below with a link to a web or Facebook page and help street animals to find a home and a nice human companion.

1. All fed, cleaned up, and good to go.
2. This one was had an extreme makeover. Look how beautiful it looks now.
3. The before photo made me so sad. But I’m glad everything worked out for this awesome lab.
4. And what about this tiny cat? Look how playful it looks now.

5. This one was so dirty and hurt, but with love and medical treatment it recovered 100%.
6. It is hard to believe how skinny this guy looked.
7. This one doesn’t even look like if it was the same cat. I’m glad it was found.

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