15 awesome and totally doable dating ideas

1 – Invite you date to watch the night sky or to go to a planetarium. It is a both a romantic and fun idea. You can talk about constellations, stars, mythology – and if you know nothing about that, you can just make up nice stories to entertain each other.

2 – Go to a museum. This is specially fun if it’s an interactive museum like a science one. You’ll have a lot to talk about.

3 – How about going to a flea market? Seeing old objects and guessing the stories behind them – you can even buy an unique souvenir to remember that day.

4 – I f you both prefer to stay home you can watch a movie together. I know, I know – watching movies, there’s nothing awesome about that. Well, how about muting a film that none of has ever seen and trying to understand the story all while dubbing the scenes? 

5 – Take a day off to know your own town. Visit the touristic hotspots – the ones you already know as well as the ones you’ve never visited before – and take a lot of pictures.

6 – Go to a bar that has trivia nights. This is so much fun. And if you’re good enough to win it, you can end up with a few free beers.

7 – Go to a food festival or street fair. Dare each other to try out new foods and introduce your date to your favorites. 

8 – Head to a theme park. Have fun with all the games, have some ice cream and take nice pictures.

9 – Get a bit artsy. Paint or draw your date (like one of your French girls) and ask them to the same. 

10 – Karaoke night is DEFINITELY an awesome dating idea. The more the booze, the better it gets.

11 – Read tarot cards for each other. This one is especially fun if you know nothing about tarot ‘cause you’ll have to come up with meanings for each card.

12 – Go to a party, bar or dance club and pretend you’ve never met before. Try pick up lines, dance, and see if you can seduce your date.

13 – Blindfold your date and let she/he choose random directions. See where you’ll end up.

14 – Bar crawl. Choose a street and have a drink on each bar you come across. You’ll probably end up wasted, but it will be a night to remember.

15 – See if your city has any haunted places and go visit one – preferably if they have a guided visit. Take many pictures and see if you can find any ghosts in it.



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