13 creepy things that kids said to their parents and babysitters

We all know how cute, funny and naive children can be, but from time to time, they can say things that really creeps us out. It doesn’t really matter if we don’t believe in things such as imaginary friends, ghosts or monsters – it is super scary to listen to a kid talking about things that no one else can see.

Psychology explains that children are highly imaginative, and that sometimes, it is just hard for them to tell reality apart from fantasy. Right? RIGHT? Or could it be that they’re actually simply more sensitive and open to the immaterial world than the adults are?

Either way, the thing is: if you have spent any time around children, chance has it that you probably have seen them drawing pictures, or saying things that spooked you. Here is a collection of the scariest – and sometimes, funniest – things that kids have ever said to their parents or sitters.

1. Hey! Calm down kiddo!
source: twentywords.com

2. Man with the snake neck. That doesn’t sound creep at all.
source: twentywords.com

3. It’s so horrible it’s funny.
source: twentywords.com

4. I don’t know how I’d react to that.
source: buzzfeed.com

5. A casual thought.
source: buzzfeed.com

6. If you say so, dear.
source: brainjet.com

7. This parent suddenly had the urge to move to another house.

source: http://www.spartzinc.com/

8. Two grannies? Not anymore.
source: twentywords.com

9. The captain may be a good killer, but he is the worst baby sitter.
10. To dad and ded.
source: brainjet.com

11. I’m glad I’m not mom.
source: brainjet.com

12. I’d hide. You know, just in case.
source: twentywords.com

13. Kids are the best, they’re so free of prejudice.


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