10 Great Money Hacks

It doesn’t matter if you are an adult with children, or if you are a college student: saving up money is always important. Unfortunaly, it is also very hard. But with these few tips you will be able to save a few dollars in the end of the month – and a few dollars per month mean a lot of dollars in a year period.

The internet is a great place for learning how to repair things, build stuff and get information for free – use it! Don’t pay for lessons you can get online, unless you really have a lot of spare money. Don’t pay to go to the gym if you have a nice park nearby. Stop making excuses and pushing this goal for the next month: start saving now. You won’t regret it.

1 – Let’s face it, house phones are pretty much obsolete. But if you don’t want to use your cell phone all the time, you should use Google voice to make calls for free!


source: awesomeinventions.com


2 – Plan your meals for the whole week or month. Trust me: if you have a schedule, you’ll avoid delivery services and impulsive buyings.


source: http://www.lifehack.org/


3- If you want to buy something expensive, wait for a month. If you still think you need to buy it after that long, do it – but it is more likely that you’ll change your mind.



4 – Before purchasing items or services, look for DIY tips and tutorials. You’ll find so many of them online that you’ll probably prefer to try a few on before spending any money.



5 – If you choose a day of the week to eat out you won’t feel the urge to do it so often.



6 – If you can manage, try having a “no spending” day every week as well. It is not easy, but it is worth a try.


source: thesimpledollar


7 – Online stores and flight companies use your interest against you, so if you repeatedely visit a website looking for an item, the prices will often get raised.  You can prevent this from happening by opening an incognito window on your internet browser. That way the website won’t recognize that you have seen an item more than once.

incognito window


8 – Try a few free hobbies every week. Invite a friend to play basketball, watch youtube lessons and try to learn new things without spending money.


source: thesimpledollar


9 – Try using cash instead of your credit card. It seems crazy, but it works. People are less likely to spend money when they actualy have scarce quantities at hand.



10 – Drink more water. Soda and bottled juice are a lot more expensive than you think.


source: thesimpledollar


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